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Below is a chronological listing of material added to Naturalism.Org since 1998, in reverse order.  To locate material by category, please browse the links above, or use the search engine on the home page.  For instance, here's material when searching on determinism, and here's material when searching on choice.

2010 Free Will Roundup: Scientific skeptic speaks out; Knights Templeton on quest for causa sui.

2009 November- December:  Scripting the Future - spacetime and the nature of control; Too good to be true, too obscure to explain: the cognitive shortcomings of belief in God; The New Atheism by Victor Stenger, reviewed by Yonatan Fishman.  September-October: Tennis Without a Net: The Emptiness of the Supernatural Hypothesis - review of The Recalcitrant Imago Dei: Human Persons and the Failure of Naturalism, by J.P. Moreland; Free Will Skepticism: Where Are the Skeptics? - a good debunking needed; Knowledge and the Meaning of Life - the big picture from Carlo Cellucci. July-August: Salience and Reputation - we need to take immediate action on behalf of global sustainability; Fully Caused - coming to terms with determinism; Choosing Irrationality - review of Addiction: A Disorder of Choice, by Gene Heyman. May-June: Consciousness Revolutions - review of The Ego Tunnel by Thomas Metzinger; Bad Cop: The Case Against Contempt - why naturalists shouldn't heap scorn on supernaturalists; Correspondence on Naturalism - with students from Heritage Christian School. March-April: Systematizing Naturalism - answering life's vital questions; Heading Off the Revolution - in reforming criminal justice in light of determinism; Democratizing Success - stating the obvious in service to equality. January-February: Real Diseases - the moral and practical significance of physicalism; Worldview Elements - review of Living Without God by Ronald Aronson.

2008 November-December: Reality and Its Rivals: Putting Epistemology First - being epistemically responsible pushes us toward science and increases the plausibility of naturalism; An Exchange on Naturalism - book review, then responses from Goetz and Taliaferro, rejoinders from Clark; The Personal Benefits of Free Will Skepticism - Tamler Sommers on why doubting ultimate moral responsibility is good for us; September-October: Living in Light of Naturalism - first person accounts of discovering yourself a completely natural creature; Misrepresenting Naturalism - an open letter to the head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  July-August: Saving Secularism - review essay on The Secular Conscience by Austin Dacey; No Competition For Naturalism - review of Naturalism by Stuart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro. May-June: Projecting God - the pitfalls of theological justification; Repressing Revenge - why we should not stop stigmatizing our retributive instincts; Sending the Self On Vacation - how we might naturalize enlightenment. March-April: Worldview Naturalism - a status report as Naturalism.Org turns 10; Don't Forget About Me - how to avoid demoralization by determinism; Getting Lucid about Consciousness - experience might be a virtual reality; Living with Darwin - not surprisingly, we are of two minds about science. January-February: Empiricism and Equality: Prospects for Enlightenment 2.0 - science is the ally of universal human rights; Causal Powers of the Natural Mind - review of Nancey Murphy and Warren Brown's Did My Neurons Make Me Do It?; Worldview Cognitive Therapy - getting our fundamental beliefs straightened out is just what the doctor ordered; No Hindrance: Emulating Nature in Service to the Self - how mindfulness meditation can help in achieving acceptance.

2007  November-December: The Scandal of Compatibilism - review of Four Views on Free Will; The Specter of Scientism - why progressives don't need spiritual knowledge to ground their values; Free Will is Dead - Long Live Free Will! - Steven Converse says it's going to be all right; The Soul of the Law - a skeptic about neuroscience seeks to disbar it from the courtroom; Grassroots naturalism - naturalism vs. atheism, how to herd heathens, and dressing visibly for Darwin Day. September-October:  When Worldviews Collide - an exploration of root differences between naturalists and theists; When Choice is King - supposing that human choices are the unconditioned causes of action keeps us in the dark about behavior. July-August:  Medicine and Morality: Reconciling the Conflicts - on a naturalistic understanding of ourselves, medicine and morality can work together to bring out the best in us; Faith in Hiding: Are There Secular Grounds for Banning Abortion? - church-state separation offers an alternative basis for abortion rights; updated for the July-August 2007 Humanist. May-June: Behavior Tech: Creating the Norm of Environmental Altruism - if we don't get intentional about motivating ourselves we're sunk, literally; Is Free Will Incredible? - not at all says Tibor Machan, but his doubts are showing; Beyond Retribution - why mere punishment won't get us very far in the war on crime; review of Walter Glannon's Bioethics and the Brain. March-April: Is Naturalism Self-Defeating? - so says Alvin Plantinga, philosopher at Notre Dame; Review of Reason and Reverence: Religious Humanism for the 21st Century by William R. Murry. January/February: Soul and Free Will Roundup - recent news related to naturalism; The Neuroscience of Moral Decision-Making - talk by neurophilosopher Joshua Greene, commentary here; Science and Solidarity - the threat of global warming presents an opportunity for global solidarity against a common enemy.

2006  November/December:  Holding Mechanisms Responsible - the conscious mind needn't be an exception to causality for us to be morally responsible agents; Supernaturalism and Explanation - review of Is Nature Enough? by John F. Haught; Deny God, Then What? - next steps for the "New Atheism"; Naturalism and Punishment: Implications for Criminal Justice - a dialog on the death penalty and retribution. September/October:  Choice and Free Will: Beyond the Disease Model of Addiction; Objectivity in Mental Health: Who Has a Real Disease?, by Dr. Ron Pies,Tufts University School of Medicine; Review of Abortion Rights as Religious Freedom by Peter Wenz; Review by Joseph Hilbe of The View from the Center of the Universe by Joel R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams; Review of Challenging Nature, by Lee M. Silver.  July/August:  Gary L. Drescher's Good and Real: Demystifying Paradoxes from Physics to Ethics, reviewed; Faith in Hiding: Is There a Secular Case for Banning Abortion? - no, which is why the South Dakota and Louisiana anti-abortion statutes are unconstitutional; Ionian Enchantment: A Brief History of Scientific Naturalism, by Ignacio Prado, Tufts University; Religion as a Natural Phenomenon - talk and Q&A with Daniel Dennett at the Harvard Science Center. May/June: Explaining Moussaoui - why the "abuse excuse" isn't;  Brooks, Reconfigured - the New York Times columnist gets it right about causality;  Responsibility Roundup - news stories fret about freedom and responsibility. April: Enlightenment: Myth and Reality - an imagined dialogue in four parts; Susan Blackmore on Consciousness - why we should care about the mind-body problem; Naturalism and Normativity - a sketch of getting from is to ought; Doubting Free Will: The Argument from Celebrity-Authority  March It's wrong to say science excludes God, experts say Spirituality naturalized?Time and free willScientism vs. scienceFebruary: Are we obligated to our instincts? - an exchange with Timothy Goldsmith.  On the Integrity of Science - if Kansas introduces supernaturalism into science, science simply shows supernaturalism the door.  Mind, Unspecified - naturalizing the mind requires identifying its antecedents; Progressives and Naturalists: Who Counts as a Humanist? - exploring the connections between worldviews and political persuasions.  Childhood's End - outgrowing supernaturalism.   January:  The Natural Disaster of Poverty - on the illegitimate moral distinction between the poor and victims of natural disasters.  Denying Big God and the Little God - an open letter to the atheist community; the Center for Naturalism endorses the Secular Coalition for America Bruce Waller's progressive naturalism - a review of Freedom Without [Ultimate] Responsibility.

2005   December: The Ethics of Empiricism; The Specter of Brain ScienceNaturalism vs. Supernaturalism: How to Survive the Culture Wars - why empiricism is the open society's best friend.  November:  Ethical Culture challenged on free will; Rocker digs into naturalism; Searching for ethics in a new America; Evolutionary enlightenment, naturalism, and free will (podcast);  Naturalism meets skepticism (podcast). October: The Limits of Reason, Sam Harris on free will, Will Provine on the front lines, and the Theory of Negligent Design September: Walk the Planet! - an environmental call to action;  The Commitments of Naturalism - a philosophical dialog with Richard Carrier and David Macarthur.  August:  Re: Morse and Retribution - on a naturalistic view of ourselves, the justification for retribution remains obscure.  Call Off the Hobbits - natural autonomy gives us everything we might reasonably want as human agents.  The Responsible Brain - Neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga says “brains are determined; people are free”  - dubious.  July:  Avoiding Collapse: Determinism, Altruism, and the Creation of Political Will - understanding the determinants of political will can build support for environmental sustainability Delegitimizing Retribution - naturalism challenges the traditional target of retributive punishment - the freely willing soul;  Dembski, Naturalist? - if science finds the designer, this would place it within nature;  Unlikely Allies - a conservative think-tank explores neuroscience and the law, gets an earful on naturalized responsibility.   June:  Killing the Observer - To naturalize consciousness, we must undo the intuition that we witness experience Maximizing liberty: retribution, responsibility, and the mentor state - as a consequentialist morality replaces retributivism, personal liberties increase as the need for punishment declines;  Consciousness evolving: can enlightenment save the planet? - a critique of What Is Enlightenment? magazine's new age prescription for global salvation.  May:  Evangelicals discover Naturalism.Org - and live to tell the tale;  Encountering Naturalism: Science, Self, and Society - presentation at New England College.  April How do we choose? - our reasons duke it out, no impartial supervisor needed;  Fear of mechanism - even if we're "smart robots," we still have excellent reasons to defend human rights.  March True science: does it presume naturalism? - no, science gradually constructs our conception of what's natural as we seek reliable knowledge; The moral consequences of Objectivism - Ayn Rand's followers take belief in free will to ethical extremes.  February Hodgson's Black Box - tenuous, speculative science can't save libertarian free will;  Crime and causality: do killers deserve to die? - it's time to question the fundamental moral justification for capital punishment.  January: Must Democrats get religion? - no, but they should form a coalition among naturalists and supernaturalists;  Progressive implications of naturalism - challenging the myth of the self-made self is inherently progressive in its implications.

2004  December:  Naturalists, Unite! (modestly, non-self-righteously) - a response to John Horgan; Liberals, evil, and free will - admitting that behavior has causes doesn't erase the distinction between right and wrong.   November:  Affirmative action and its discontents.  October: Darrow and Determinism: Tamler Sommers on the myth of ultimate responsibility; Allies of Naturalism: those working to promote a naturalistic view of ourselves.   September:  Davies' Really Dangerous Idea: An analysis of astrophysicist Paul Davies’ worry about free will.  August: Causality, Compassion, and Control: Ethical Implications of Naturalism - a presentation for the Ethical Society of Boston.  Free Will in the News - Excerpts from news stories illustrate how beliefs in free will function as background assumptions in justifying attitudes and social policies.  July:  Deflecting reductionism, questioning faith - don't confuse misguided reductionists with friendly determinists; and must we live, even partially, by faith?   June:  Causality, Victimhood, and Empowerment: How to Hold Addicts Accountable -  a naturalistic understanding of addiction gives us control and generates compassion.  May: The Moral Levitation of David Brooks - must we float free of causality to count as moral agents?  April:  Reason Continues to Evolve - Julian Sanchez of Reason magazine gets naturalism just about right.  March: Is There an Observing Self? - commentary on Baars et al.,“Brain, conscious experience, and the observing self.  February:  Toward a Positive Naturalism - this challenges the secular humanist community to adopt a well-articulated, thorough-going naturalism, complete with its personal and social implications. 

2003  December:  Debunking Enlightenment - a review of John Horgan's Rational Mysticism; Radio naturalism -Dr. Les Garwood discusses determinism and its implications on Equal Time for Free Thought October:  Luck Swallows Everything:  policy implications of discovering determinism, in Currents in Applied Naturalism.   August:  WBAI radio show on naturalism with Tom Clark.  July: A question for Brights: How naturalistic are you?; and yet more free will in the news: Free will? Not really.   May:  Living Without Ultimate Responsibility - Tamler Sommers interviews Galen Strawson;  Commentary on Crick and Koch's "A framework for consciousness" on the Consciousness page;   Keeping the Streets Mean for Addicts, an editorial on the morality of harm reduction;   Reason Evolves (the magazine) - by publishing an interview with Daniel Dennett on his new book.     April: those wild and crazy libertarians, Round 3;  Jim Farmelant reviews a classic by philosopher Kai Nielsen;  an example of Free Will Panic in response to neuroscience;  an update to Recent Writings on the Self and Free Will;  and Absolution for Addicts: using the causal story behind addiction to combat stigma and discrimination.   February:  What Justifies Retribution, Precisely? - exchanges with a retributivist, on the Criminal Justice page.  January: Losing Faith in Free Will - science writer John Horgan finds his faith in free will beset by neuroscience, and retreats to a freedom of the gaps. 

2002: November:  Boston Globe:  Neuroscience enters the debate on free will and why "Accountability is still in play";   Free will in the news: neuroscience and freedom; causality and capital punishment. Encountering Naturalism: Common Errors and Exaggerations, on the Resources page - some things change under naturalism, some don't, so don't panic.   August: Review of Owen Flanagan's The Problem of the Soul - highly recommended, this book is by far the most explicit and comprehensive look at the implications of naturalism for our self-concept, morality, and meaning yet published.  A must read!    July:  Is Free Will a Necessary Fiction?  Some suppose that belief in free will is necessary to underpin morality, meaning, and human worth.   But must we remain deceived about our true nature to be good, to find meaning in life, and to value each other? Also, Recent Writings on the Self and Free Will on the Resources page.   These writings by mainstream authors show that Naturalism.Org is neither unique nor crazy in suggesting that 1) we don’t have free will and  2) we’d be better off if we made our peace with this fact and adjusted our beliefs and social practices accordingly.     June:  Review of Daniel Wegner's book, The Illusion of Conscious Will.    May: Science and Freedom  - Although science may undermine traditional conceptions of freedom and responsibility, there are nevertheless grounds for moral responsibility compatible with science that have significant implications for social policy.   March: Why Intelligent Design Isn't Science  - Intelligent design fails as science not because science a priori rules out the supernatural (it doesn't), but because the intelligent design hypothesis has no merit as a scientific explanation.   Why Science Can't Get Us to God -  Trying to use science to support the hypothesis of intelligent design or the existence of the supernatural is like trying to draw a round square.

2001:   Against Retribution - on Michael Moore's book Placing Blame.   By showing the causal story behind human behavior, naturalism helps undercut retributive attitudes and justifications for punishment which Moore claims are central to criminal justice.  Charlottesville Study Group on Naturalistic Spirituality and Enlightenment;  Spirituality Without Faith - how naturalism can inspire a non-dualistic spirituality;  NIDA  and Naturalism - the seeds of a new view of ourselves are being sown in the scientific study of addiction.   Three Strikes Against Fatalism - two short essays, one by Bob Miller, join a third in denying that determinism disempowers us.  Exchanges on free will, Legislating Naturalism in Currents; Addiction: Choices and Cravings on the Addictions page.

2000: Does neuroscience threaten freedom and dignity? - Comment on Neuroscience and the Human Spirit, a conference hosted by the Ethics and Public Policy Center; Addiction and Responsibility: review of Addiction is a Choice, by Jeffrey A. Schaler;  Ecstasy and the mind-body problem; Currents in Applied Naturalism: Who Wrote the Book of Life?, Seeing Drug Use as a Choice or as a Brain Anomaly;   Review by Jim Farmelant of B.F. Skinner, A Reappraisal, by Marc Richelle; Currents: Playing God, Carefully.

1999: Fear of Mechanism: A Compatibilist Critique of "The Volitional Brain", How to Cope with Creeping Mechanism;   Review: The Natural Selection of Autonomy by Bruce Waller.  Comment on "Death, Nothingness, and Subjectivity". 

1998: Materialism and Morality: The Problem with Pinker (free will); Libertarianism and the Myth of Personal Autonomy (those crazy libertarians!);  Readings in antifoundationalism: the Wilson Quarterly debate between E.O. Wilson and Richard Rorty;  a Naturalistic Lexicon of Responsibility.


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