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Comprehensive Decision Finder - How Do We Choose?

Below is a link to Mark Hovland's Comprehensive Decision Finder (CDF).  In his exploration of the free will problem, Mark realized that  “The only way to decide whether one has free will or not is to understand the process of choosing.”  If you decide to do something, how do you actually make that choice?  The CDF is Mark's analysis of how choices are made, and it illustrates the principle that we make choices on the basis of weighted reasons, that is, on the basis of positive and negative factors that are rated according to their emotional significance - how strongly we feel about them. 

In making a choice, we decide by weighing the pros and cons, and it is the number and strength of these that, when compared, actually decide the choice.  There is no further decision-making process, made by an uninfluenced, freely willing chooser, that's necessary.  Such a disinterested "supervisor" of choice-making - a weigher of reasons - could have no influence on the decision since it has no reason for weighing in on one side or the other.  If it did, that reason would simply show up on either side of the CDF, as illustrated below.  The reasons weigh themselves, and you are the choice-making process.  Seeing how choices are made obviates the need for a freely willing chooser that could have done other than what one's reasons dictated. 

Many thanks to Mark for the CDF and his dedicated work on the free will problem.

The CDF is here.

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