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A Secular Liturgy


Crafted by no hand,
Beyond all explanation;
The nameless will satisfy
Its laws and its exceptions.

Appearance and appetite,
Love and gravity,
Play under an endless sky.
Coalesce, divide, return,
Confound and amplify.

What can be established here?
What consolation, rest, or measure?
A view is taken, broken, taken,
Secured, then broken, taken.

Desire compels the world,
All scales, dimensions,
Matrices: shaped and carved
Precisely, mathematically incised.

Seekers suppose the pattern hides
In arcane details, an
Impenetrable microcosm.
Yet the supreme equation
Lies on the surface,
Coiling perfection on perfection.

The embrace suffices
All purposes, intents, and
Pins the participant to the act;
Couples motive and result
In heedless elegance.

Slipping sense or reasonable rhyme,
Unconcerned to balance or redress,
The tale spins out its tellers.
Each confabulates, in dialect
A song to fit the rest.