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Education and Outreach


Courses on Naturalism.  These introduce naturalism and its implications, and explore special topics, policy issues and applications.

Workshops on Naturalism.  Using an interactive format, these workshops encourage participants to explore their assumptions about causality, freedom, agency, and the implications of naturalism. 

Guides and Curricula on Naturalism.  For youth and adults, under development. 

Causality Club.  Private discussion and policy groups in your town, focusing on naturalism, its implications and applications.  There are other naturalists out there, you just have to dig them up. 

CFN Forums.  Public talks and panels on topics related to naturalism, both philosophical and applied.  See the Events page. 

Conferences (for a proposed conference on naturalism and free will, click here)

Documentaries.  Please write for a 10 page documentary proposal, "Science vs. the Soul."


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