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Humanist and Freethought Organizations Supportive of Naturalism

There are many worthy humanist and freethought organizations, nationally and worldwide, that take a broadly naturalistic approach to understanding the world and ourselves. Not surprisingly, they tend to be progressive as well.  Supporters of naturalism, directly or indirectly, include:

bullet American Humanist Association
bullet Brights
bullet British Humanist Association
bullet Center for Inquiry
bulletCouncil for Secular Humanism
bullet Druidic Order of Naturalists
bullet Humanist Institute
bullet Humanist Academy of Scotland
bullet Institute for Humanist Studies
bullet Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS)
bullet International Humanist and Ethical Union
bullet National Secular Society (Britain)
bulletSkeptics Society
bullet Secular Coalition of America
bulletSecular Web
bullet World Pantheism

Naturalism Groups

bullet Applied Naturalism Group
bullet Naturalism Philosophy Forum
bullet Determinism Group
bullet Society for Natural Science
bullet Religious Naturalism Group 


bulletNational Center for Science Education
bullet SETI Institute, the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence
bullet Edge.Org - interviews and papers by cutting edge thinkers


Cognitive Science

bulletMIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences
bullet Tufts Center for Cognitive Studies
bulletAmerican Association for Artificial Intelligence
bulletInstitute for Human and Machine Cognition

Consciousness Research

bulletAssociation for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
bullet Tucson Conference:  Towards a Science of Consciousness


The Opposition

bulletAccess Research Network  This is a high-powered organization promoting "intelligent design" theories (antithetical to naturalism) via their journal Origins and Design, with authors such as Mike Bethe and Phillip Johnson.
bulletDiscovery Institute  Its avowed mission is "nothing less than the overthrow of materialism and its damning cultural legacies".