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bullet Richard Carrier, author of Sense and Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism
bullet Bob Carroll (philosophy)
bulletDavid Chalmers (consciousness)
bullet Daniel Dennett (consciousness, philosophy of mind, evolutionary psychology)
bulletDavid Eller, anthropologist/philosopher/atheist - Natural Atheism, Atheism Advanced
bullet Sam Harris, neuroscientist/philosopher/atheist, author of The End of Faith
bulletPat Hayes (artificial intelligence)
bulletPhilosophers working on consciousness from Chapman's page
bulletLoren King, MIT
bullet David Rosenthal
bulletSteven Schafersman (naturalism, humanism, critical thinking)
bullet Tamler Sommers (naturalism, free will)
bullet Don Zimmerman
bullet Patricia Churchland
bulletAlan Watts
bullet David Papineau, a nice consciousness paper on the explanatory gap
bulletWilliam Calvin
bullet William P. Alston, critiques naturalism
bullet Valerie Gray Hardcastle
bulletTed Honderich


Humanists, Atheists

bulletPaul Kurtz
bullet Richard Dawkins
bulletSteven Schafersman
bulletAnthony Campbell, skeptical essays and reviews
bullet Bernt Rostrum - religious naturalism