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[apologies if some of these are out of date]

Resources on Naturalism

bullet Secular Web, defends and promotes a naturalistic world view on the Internet.
bullet Philo, journal of the Society of Humanist Philosophers, "the only professional philosophy journal devoted exclusively to criticisms of theism and defenses or developments of naturalism."
bullet Wikipedia on metaphysical naturalism as a worldview
bullet Wikipedia on philosophical naturalism  
bullet Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on naturalism and ethics
bullet Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on naturalism and legal philosophy
bullet Richard Carrier’s book and articles on naturalism
bullet Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy on naturalism
bullet Ralph Dumain on naturalism and materialism, with many good historical references
bullet Ted Honderich’s website on determinism and freedom
bullet Paul Kurtz defines naturalism: Very nice summary definition of naturalism: scientific method, materialism, ethics based in human nature.
bullet Naturalism is an Essential Part of Science and Critical Inquiry by Steven  Schafersman.
bulletReview of Philip Johnson’s Reason in the Balance (an argument against naturalism); this is a lengthy, detailed, demolition of Johnson.
bullet Keith Augustine defends naturalism in his thesis for Ray Martin at U. of Maryland.
bullet The empirical case for metaphysical naturalism by Jeff Lowder.
bullet Apex Naturalism - an online magazine.

Humanism and Skepticism

bulletFree Inquiry
bullet The Humanist
bulletThe Skeptic
bulletThe Skeptical Inquirer
bullet New Humanist


bulletJournal of Consciousness Studies
bulletBrain and Behavioral Sciences
bulletOnline papers on consciousness compiled by David Chalmers
bulletWeb resources on consciousness compiled by David Chalmers
bullet Center for Consciousness Studies
bullet Science and Consciousness Review


bulletNew Scientist
bulletThe Scientist
bulletEssays on Science and Society (Science Magazine)
bulletElsevier Science Publications (many journals)
bulletNational Academy Press, of the National Academy of Science, as well as other Academies, has Institute of Medicine report on medical marijuana, report on science and creationism, and links to "over 1,350 books" online


bulletThe Philosophers’ Web Magazine
bulletInternet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
bullet Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
bulletPhilosophy at Large 
bulletEpisteme Links
bullet Philosophy Now magazine
bullet Philosophy Resources
bulletDictionary of Philosophy
bulletKriterion: see for good philosophy links, especially Naturalia for naturalism
bulletWilson Quarterly: articles and symposium by E.O.Wilson, Richard Rorty, and James R. Gross: "Is Everything Relative? A Debate on the Unity of Knowledge."
bulletGood article in Boston Review by philosopher Martha Nussbausm on agency and social factors creating criminality, nicely balanced
bullet Boston Review issue on evolution/intelligent design debate, eleven contributors, including Johnson, Behe, Dennett
bulletGood philosophy page:
bulletNo Dogs or Philosophers Allowed, philosophical television
bulletOne Spirit Project, philosophy links


The Opposition


bulletReason Magazine
bullet Blame Society First, from Reason Magazine, June 1998


bullet Salvo magazine
bulletA newspaper series about the harms of materialism, by a member of the Discovery Institute
bulletPhillip Johnson’s The Weekly Wedge, essays against naturalism